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After Christmas Holiday Decor

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Little guy and I were sick for the holiday and had to stay home. We were supposed to go back to my husband’s home town, but we did not want to get the family sick. Little guy added a little drama to the cookie exchange with being sick as well. The girls took it really well and helped me clean everything up. Best ladies ever! Thank you, girls! I will be sharing more about the cookie exchange later this week. Today is the day to get outside and get all the best after Christmas sales especially if you want holiday sales. Many stores have between 50-75% off today. I am not buying much this year as I want to change out most of my holiday décor and we are still debating if we want to move this year. I did do a little holiday shopping at Michaels and Home Goods. I focused on buying items for my Cookie Exchange party for next year and craft items.


I bought a few chalkboard style gift tags for gifts and thank you tags. I love the chalkboard look for vintage style gifts when you want to spruce it up a little.

I bought plastic clear ornaments to use as either my thank you item for the party or the extra “sparkle” on my themed gifts. I can use them for sprinkles or spices or even crafts for kids. So many options and why not buy them when they are on sale. Win win.

I had to buy some more gift wrap at Home Goods. They always have the best gift wrap. The paper is thicker than most and yet not too expensive.

A few other things I normally try to stock up on after Christmas:

  • Extra fancy ornaments for gifts and party favors
  • Stickers and books for kids
  • Toys – great time to buy them for next year and birthdays
  • Wrapping paper and gift bags
  • Ribbon

I have finally learned not to buy too many actual décor items as I normally change my mind on items and themes by the following year. What I thought was a great buy ends up being a waste for me. What do you like to buy?

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